Research And Development


We 'Ocean Neon' comprised of the most talented engineers and technical experts from all over India. Cross-functional research teams bring together a broad range of technical and business expertise from different disciplines.


Innovation is the mantra that has energized this company from its very inception. We want to innovate, improve and make a powerful impact.
This reality inspires us to think smarter for a changing world. We listen to customer's aspirations and concerns and integrate those insights, while upgrading existing products or manufacturing new ones.

The R&D Centre has the following facilities:
    Fully computerized and automated Product (Battery) Testing Laboratory.
    State-of-the-art analytical laboratory for carrying out chemical or physical tests of battery materials, components, including plastics and rubber items.
Our R&D strategy revolves around three strategic imperatives:
    Seeking better ways to manage operations
    Enhancing performance of existing products, based on customers' response
    Driving new product launches

R&D focus

    Cost Reduction and Value Engineering
    New Product Development
    New Technology Development
    Development / Improvement of New manufacturing processes and equipment
    New Material Development
    Product Quality Management
    Applications Engineering