Quality & Certification

Quality Policy & Certificate:

We commit ourselves

    To be a preferred power source supplier.
    To meet the customer requirement with continual improvements in products and services by constantly upgrading our process, human resources.

Quality Objectives

    To identify and improve manufacturing methods to produce quality products and continually improve on the same through in house R & D as well as through continuous interaction with customers
    To improve work methods for increasing efficiency at various levels of operations, thus excelling quality standards and reducing cost
    To improve productivity by efficient utilization of Human Resources and Plant and Machineries
    To create a culture of quality through continuous training and educational programmers for employees at all levels
    To be a preferred power source supplier.
    To develop a long term relationship with suppliers for ensuring better values and quality that mutually satisfies
    To run operation adhering to the pollution and environmental standards

Environmental Policy

We commit ourselves
    To excel in the field of Battery manufacture.
    To improve our environmental performance continually by reducing emissions, effluents and solid waste.
    To optimize use of resources by minimizing waste generation by recovery, recycle and reuse.
    To comply with applicable legal and other requirements.
    To train and motivate our human resources to be environmentally responsible.
    To make this policy known to all the interested parties.